Dell Storage Forum 2012 London – the day before

Today is the first day of the Dell Storage Forum in London. Yesterday lots of people started to arrive, and I was amazed at how many people wrote pre-show blog posts:

Let me know if I missed your post!

Someone asked me about pictures and videos. Check out this set on the Dell Flickr page, we’re working on the updates right now.

Keep the twitter questions coming! We’ll try to get to more during the keynotes tomorrow, and we are tracking all of them.

OK, here’s what’s up tonight. We have an official sponsored Dell event at the Anchor Bankside Pub. There are buses available to take you there. This event is from 6-8.

Immediately after, there is a #storagebeers scheduled at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese Pub on Fleet Street. From 8 – whenever. We walked it last night, and its not that bad of a walk, maybe 10 minutes (we got lost so it took us about 20 minutes). Maybe we can all meet up and leave at the same time. Who knows, maybe we can commandeer a bus to drop us off right at #storagebeers.

The event officially starts today for partners. Keep an eye on the #DellSF12 hashtag on Twitter!




Time to pack your bags for the Dell Storage Forum in London!

Watching this recap video of the Dell Storage Forum in Orlando made me a little nostalgic. So, Just like I did for the inaugural Dell Storage Forum in Orlando last year, I thought I’d write a post with helpful hints for those of you coming to the Dell Storage Forum in London next week (as well as some tips for those of you playing from home).

Social Media


The fabulous @AlisonAtDell will be posting all of the blog posts, videos, pictures, etc she finds to the Dell Storage Facebook Page. But don’t be shy – if you write something or take an awesome video, please feel free to post it to the wall! Also – you have “liked” us haven’t you?


Alison will also be creating a Storify page for the event, in case you just want to see the highlights of each day.


We’ll be tweeting from the @DellSF account. If you have questions, or need info, please give us a shout! The official hashtag is #DellSF. We have a list of blogger and podcasters who will be at the event, as well as a list of event attendees. Please tweet us if we need to add you to either list.

If you are following the event remotely, try using an application like Twazzup or Tweetchat. Just remember to log in to Twitter to interact.


In addition to Dell Storage bloggers (including myself, Jason Boche, and Lance Boley), we have invited some of the best known bloggers in the storage world to join us at the first European Dell Storage Forum. We’ll have Martin Glassborow, Chris Evans, Nigel Poulton, Bruno Sousa, Hans Deleenheer, Barry Coombs, Greg Knierieman, Ed Saipetch, and Stephen Foskett. This crew should make for some excellent storage conversations!


We’ll be adding pictures from the event to this set on the official Dell Flickr page. If you upload pic to Flickr (or any place else), please tag them with DellSF12 so we can find them!

Mobile-enabled site

If you are coming to the show, the mobile enabled site can be accessed via your mobile phone via . You’ll need to log in with the email address you used to register for the event.

If you are going over from the US, you probably want to turn OFF data roaming and access this site (and all your mobile apps) via WiFi at the conference site.

Day-by-Day plan

#storagebeers + NekkidTech live recording!

Martin Glassborrow called a #storagebeers during the time folks are in town for the Dell Storage Forum. It will be Tuesday 1/10 at ‘Ye Olde Chesire Cheese’ on Fleet Street in London. Things will get started around 8 pm, and lots of us are planning to head over to visit.

Greg Knierieman and Ed Saipetch will bring the NekkidTech podcast to #storagebeers – they will be recording live from the pub. It will be good to see these guys in action!

I probably should call out that this is NOT a Dell-sponsored event. So please treat it like any other #storagebeers. It should be a great time – hope you can come round if you are in town!

Live #SANChat

January’s #SANChat will be live from #Dellsf12. It will be Wednesday, 1/11 at 5pm GMT (12 PM EST, 11 AM CST). If you are in London, we’ll gather at the Fluid Data Lounge. We’ll continue the conversation we started with Mike Davis about dedupe and compression. Remember, #SANchat is all about the technology, so its vendor neutral. Please join us! We suggest using TweetChat to keep up the conversation.

Tower of London

The Fluid Foundation celebration is Wednesday evening right after #SANchat. I’ve never been to the Tower of London, looking forward to wrapping up the week at such a cool venue.


Dell Storage Forum – preview reviews, and what’s on deck for Day 1

I’m writing this from the Dell Storage Forum Fluid Blogger’s Lounge. We still have some set up to do – the hotel IT guys are here right now setting up some ethernet drops for us. We should be ready to rock and roll tomorrow morning!

I thought I’d take a minute to share some of the great posts folks have made as they are getting ready to come out to Orlando, and then let y’all know what we’ll be doing today, on the official Day 1 of the Dell Storage Forum.

Preview Reviews

Let me know if I missed your post!

Events on-deck for Day 1 – June 5

If you are here at the Dell Storage Forum today, you are here for training. Tonight from 6 – 9 is the Fluid Fix welcome reception at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney (don’t forget your badge!).

New events and general reminders

Where I’ll be next week – Interop

Conference season is full swing now. Tomorrow I’ll be flying out to Las Vegas to attend Interop. Dell will be at the show in full force, you can expect lots of updates from me here and on twitter. The Dell Tech Center will also be reporting live from the conference. I’ve also started an Interop Twitter list, let me know if you need to be added!

EMC World is in Vegas next week too – so it will be a week full of socializing with other storage professionals – in real life (as opposed to online). Since there are only so many hours in a day, I’ve tried to plan out my time accordingly. Here is my tentative schedule – but we all know how these events go. If you aren’t in Vegas next week and would like to see something covered, drop me a line. If you will be in Vegas, I hope we are able to connect!

For full disclosure, I’m able to attend the full Interop conference thanks to my #bitnorth friend Alistair Croll (thanks man!).

Sunday I should get to Vegas early in the afternoon. I’m hoping to attend some of the Enterprise Cloud Summit sessions. Sunday looks right now to be the quietest day of the week.

Monday the Enterprise Cloud Summit continues. @CXI is also hosting a party, and the Dell Storage crew will be headed there to mingle with our storage brethren. You can come too – register here.

Tuesday the keynotes look amazing. Vint Cerf is speaking, and I have to say I’m very excited for that. It will also be interesting to hear what Dave Donatelli has to say. It’s great to see a storage exec participating in a keynote session about the growth and future of IT – it just solidifies that storage is a core tenet of IT. The sessions I’m looking at are a nice mix between networking and virtualization.

Tuesday night is #storagebeers. 8 PM, Harrah’s Piano Bar. More info (and partial guest list) here. I’ll be headed there with the Dell Storage crew!

Wednesday the keynotes are about cloud computing. So far, most of the sessions I’m planning to attend are about networking. The one I’m most anxious to attend is a panel on FCoE vs iSCSI that has lots of my favorite people on it.

Thursday I have my eye on several storage sessions. This should be a good ending to a full week.

The week is really packed with activities. I hope I’m able to share some of the action with those of you who won’t be there – if you are going let’s connect!

SNW – Day 2

Yesterday was Day 2 at SNW. The booths got all set up, and the conference floor was open for business.

Untitled 0 00 03-28

I didn’t work the booth – I got to meet people and attend sessions. I was able to meet the guys from Cinetica (aka @esignoertti and @fabiorapposelli). They are just as nice as they seem on Twitter (and they are Dell Compellent customers to boot!).

I also got to meet some of the guys leading the hands-on training sessions for Dell. The SNW guy minding the labs was very strict about remaining vendor neutral, but he let me grab some video even though I had my Dell shirt on (thanks!).  The hands-on lab instructors worked tirelessly all day running labs on data deduplication, storage implications for server virtualization, unified storage – IP solutions, and enterprise content management. The labs really ran the gamut of skills from people brand new to storage to some complex topics.

I attended a panel session titled “Is cloud storage ready for the enterprise?”. There were two things said by a panelist that grabbed my attention, maybe he was just trying to be provocative (I’m not sure). But what are your thoughts on the following topics?

  • It is too early to worry about standards and cloud API lock-in
  • Our definition of “control”of data has to change for cloud computing

After a neat tour of the Bay area dinner (thanks to all the sponsors for that!), it was time for #storagebeers. I rolled in with some of the hands-on labs guys a little late, and I was shocked at how crowded it was! I was able to meet face to face for the first time with so many people I’ve interacted with for years via social media, and that was cool.

This all comes back us – storage professionals – being a very small community. Where else can you be in the middle of so many people who will understand what you do for a living? There was such a huge group of folks there: customers, analysts, and all sorts of vendors (I’m pretty sure I talked to folks from Dell, HP, EMC, and Netapp last night). There were no vendor wars, no fights at all. OK, there were people who avoided each other, sorta like being at a family reunion and those cousins and aunties that avoid each other so they won’t ruin the party for everyone — and after a few years they forget about the feud and there is love all around. I love being part of the greater storage community….if you are ever at a storage conference be sure to attend #storagebeers.

Wednesday was super busy for me, update coming soon!